Raymon Terry

Owner of RTSC Training / Speed of Sport Performance Specialist / Strength & Conditioning Coach / Football Coach / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor and Competitor / Girls With Sole Volunteer Instructor/ Life-Long Musician


Coach Terry or Ray or Ray Terry is the founder of RTSC Training. He has produced countless top-tier athletes throughout his career.  Through his RTSC Training courses he has developed a multitude of training programs that can be designed to fit the needs of any athlete — at any skill level. His goal is for each athlete to reach their highest potential in whatever sport they choose to pursue.

Ray received his Speed of Sport Affiliate Training Certificate on Nov. 1st, 2016. It was a life long career goal of Ray's to achieve this accomplishment.  He is excited to share the knowledge and science behind this program with all his athletes.

Ray has been a football coach for 8 years at the Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels. He has made a significant impact on the students he has been fortunate enough to coach during this time. Many of his athletes that have graduated high school are now selecting career fields associated with physical fitness due to the inspiration Ray has given them.

Ray is currently an Instructor and successful competitor of the Dustin Ware Brazilian Jiu Jitsu SAS Team USA . He also volunteers with the non-profit organization Girls With Sole to motivate young women to feel self-empowered through strength training and self defense.



Aside from working with individual athletes, Ray Terry has been fortunate to be involved with various other programs and organizations. Currently, he is proud to note working with Speed of Sport, as well as the non-profit Girls With Sole.
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