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Having been in business just over six years, RTSC Training is at the forefront in athletic development based on scientific methods.

At RTSC Training much of the training we utilize is based on the “speed of sport” method. Research has shown that training an athlete with a rate of force method as opposed to an absolute force (heavy loads) will develop the balance, coordination, focus, timing, neuromuscular efficiency, and kinesthetic awareness. Proprioceptive instability exercises have been scientifically proven to reduce injuries in athletes, older people, as well as improve rate of force development.

This style of training transcends to all athletes at all skill levels. Currently we are developing Professional BMX riders, Olympic Athletes, Pro UFC fighters, a 69yr old Marathon Runner, College and High School Football Players, Adult and Youth Jiu Jitsu Competitors, High School Lacrosse Players, High School Gymnasts and Figure Skaters, all the way down to 5 year olds that need athletic coordination development for their growing bodies.

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